Trampoline & Tumbling Team

Our Trampoline & Team competes in 4 different events: Individual Trampoline, Double-Mini Trampoline, Synchronized Trampoline and Tumbling. Competition includes ages 3 and up and is for levels 1-Sr. Elite. It is always advisable to start your child out early on team in order for them to reach their potential in the sport. However, they can still do very well with a later start as well.

The reason we like T&T compared to Artistic Gymnastics is that it is all done on a forgiving surface which is better for your body over the long run and it does not require 40+ hours in a gym every week to compete at the highest levels. Doing one or two other activities or sports is encouraged while competing in T&T. We also like it because it sets a firm foundation of strength and flexibility to help the athlete in any sport they choose to pursue.

Our team is coached by the owners Lisa and Bill Gandy as well as Derril Lasseigne. To Lisa and Bill team is not just about gymnastics. It is about using the opportunities the sport presents to build character, self-esteem, focus, good work ethic and values. There are so many life lessons that are taught such as "reaping what you sow", "persevering through trials" or "not allowing fears to cause failure". Competing on team is not only an investment in your child's sport, but it is an investment in your child!

On Team 3TI, RESPECT is our foundation. Athletes are treated with respect and in return they are expected to treat each other, coaches and other competitors with respect as well. They are expected to exercise good sportsmanship and are taught to be supportive of their competition. T&T is a friendly sport that builds a child's self-confidence! We aren't just saying that.... we see it EVERYDAY!



Team 3TI Accomplishments

Our team has had incredible success since its' inception in 2001. We have had 23 National Champions, 3 World Age Group Medalists, 1 World Championships Medalist, 6 International Titles and one FIG World Class Gymnast.

Our coaches have coached for TEAM USA at the Canada Cup, CanAm Cup, Pan American Championships & 2 World Age Group Competitions. Bill & LIsa have also achieved the highest education level in the USA Gymnastics University earning a Master of Sport Certification. Lisa won the USAG Developmental Coach of the Year Award in 2019.

Rec Team

This is for anyone that wants to try team and is level 1-4. It's a much lower cost opportunity to try out the sport and see how you and your child enjoy it. They would still purchase a uniform, but are only required to attend 4 competitions that year, but are welcome to do more if they desire. Practice is 2 times per week for 2 hours each. (modified for the very young as needed).

Junior Olympic Team

They are divided up according to level. Lower levels work out 7-8 hours per week. Upper levels practice 10-12 hours per week.

Besides tuition & uniform, there are also team fees which cover the cost of all competitions and coaches time and travel to all of the meets.

How to Join Team

Any athlete in our gym can join team! If you are interested in your child joining team and becoming part of a wonderful journey, you may email Lisa Gandy at

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