Respectful & Positive Coaching!

In our gym, we have a faith based and positive approach to coaching and do not condone yelling, demeaning, fear tactics, emotional or physical abuse to motivate your child or teach them the skills they want to learn. Children are treated with respect and they are treated like children, not mini adults. We work every day on developing their confidence, self-esteem and applying lessons they learn to life situations.

Texas Tumbling and Trampoline Institute, (3TI), offers a variety of classes for young adults and kids. We believe in respectful and positive coaching that builds a child's self-esteem and confidence. Gymnastics is the number one cross-over sport that will help develop your child's strength, coordination, balance, aerial awareness, and speed so they can excel at EVERY sport! We offer Preschool, Trampoline & Tumbling, Tumble & Cheer, and Ninja Classes.

Classes are one hour a week. You may register for as many as you like. Each additional class you register for is discounted. A 2nd class is $20 off and a 3rd class is $40 off.


  • Gymnastics Class- Ages 3 & 4. Your child will learn basic gymnastics shapes, techniques,s and skills along with following a class structure and learning the safety rules they need to follow in the gym.
  • Preschool Play & Learn- Ages 2-4. 9 a.m.-noon one or two days a week. Currently, it is on Monday & Wednesdays.  It is a mommy drop-off format. Your child will get a gymnastics lesson, have playtime on the equipment, partake in obstacle courses as well as agility courses. They have a circle and music time as well as a learning unit each week with a craft to take home to mom and dad!

Trampoline & Tumbling- For ages 5+. Children are divided by level instead of age. All of our classes are co-ed. Your child will receive quality gymnastics instruction with lots of progressions they need to acquire new skills and reach new levels. It starts at level 1 for beginners and progresses to 3+. Derril Lasseigne, Elena Dodd & Rylee Chapman teach classes. They are both very experienced in working with children and you will be AMAZED at how much your child gets out of their classes!

Tumble and Cheer- Ages 8+. Tumbling classes are taught by Derril Lasseigne. Derril has a wealth of experience teaching tumbling & earning many certifications in the gym he previously worked for in Plano. He is a GREAT teacher that is all about the kids and desires for every child to succeed and meet their goals!

Ninja- Ages 5-12.  Ninja is obstacle course based like American Ninja Warrior but scaled down for kids. The children work on FUN & challenging stations to build their strength, agility, balance, coordination, speed, and confidence! Derril Lasseigne is our Ninja coach and he is PHENOMENAL! Derril is super creative and is working to build this program to a competitive level one day. Our Ninjas have reached new heights since getting our warped wall this past fall! Come give it a try and watch your child gain strength, agility and speed like never before!

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70Cost of Classes

*Prices are based on a 4 week month. If there is a holiday on a class day then it will be less, but if there are 5 class days in a month it will be a little more. There is also a $40 registration fee that renews annually as long as your child is enrolled. If they need to drop out for a time and come back, you will not be billed an extra registration fee if it is within the same year.

  • Trampoline and Tumbling (1 hr./week)- $70/month
  • Tumbling and Cheer (1.0 hr/week)- $70/month
  • Preschool Classes (1 hr./week)- $75/month
  • Air Ninjas (1 hr./week)- $70/month
  • Sibling discounts 10%
  • Cost decreases with each additional class HUGE discounts for additional classes!

Guaranteed satisfaction!

At Texas Tumbling and Trampoline Institute (3TI)  your satisfaction is our top priority! We don't compromise on the quality of our services. Get in touch with us today!