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Texas Tumbling and Trampoline Institute (3TI), Inc. Activities Page | Paris, TX Trampoline and Tumbling Institute team


Texas Tumbling and Trampoline Institute (3TI), Inc. has put together many highly competitive trampoline and tumbling teams over the years. Joining the trampoline and tumbling team is open to any child that possesses the right attitude, determination, and love for the sport. If you would like your child to be on the team, please call us at 903-739-9140 today and speak to Lisa for more information!

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Winning is not defined as just being number one, but more about the opportunities you have to learn from your losses. You must know how to lose before you can win. Great opportunities will come your way if you build your foundation off of learning.  


You must learn how to fail before you can learn how to succeed. We all learn from our mistakes in sports and life. So therefore we must turn our failures into major learning opportunities and success will follow. Remember 80% of athletes just want to win but True Champions are the 20% that don't want to lose. They will find a way. Give in to learning, not giving up!

How we define winning

3TI have had 18 national champions, we have 3 World Aged Group competition qualifiers. In 2005, Sarah Gandy placed 10th at WAGC Eidenoden Neitherlands. In 2007, Sarah Gandy placed 3rd at WAGC in Canada, and this year Logan Gilbert qualify  for WAGC in Odese, Denmark and will compete the first week of December 2015. Our biggest Accomplishment so far has been the winning Bronze by Sarah Gandy Wolrd Championship in St Petersburg, Russia in 2009. Sarah Gandy was a national team member since 2006 to 2010. We had many jumpstart team members. This year, Jessica Francis placed 1st on her team earning her scholarship to that camp. We have 2 athletes on the Elite Development Program Team. This year, Logan Gilbert made the team in placed 1st at the international Exchanged Camp competition on both Double-mini and Trampoline.

Team accomplishments

Trampoline and Tumbling classes Trampoline and Tumbling classes